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After ANAC allowed cargo to be transported in the aircraft cabin for passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic, Azul Airlines carried out a cargo flight throughout the entire space of the aircraft for the first time in history. The first flight took place last Saturday, 9, on the Campinas – Belém route, in an A320Neo aircraft, which has 174 seats. In all, seven tons of cargo were transported in the aircraft’s hold, seats, and bins (upper compartments).

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For the success of the inaugural operation, Azul Cargo Express had the support of teams from the company’s engineering, maintenance, fleets, and safety areas. With nine airplanes dedicated exclusively to cargo transport, Azul’s cargo unit has contributed to the country in the displacement of essential items, such as medicines and equipment.

“We are working hard to meet requests for cargo transportation, even amid the difficult time the world is going through. Anac’s approval for the transportation of cargo also in the passenger cabin helps our company to increase our supply capacity, contributing to the efficiency of our delivery and the capillarity of our network. Azul Cargo Express is ready and prepared to continue serving customers with the customized solutions that our business offers”, said the director of Azul’s cargo unit, says Izabel Reis.

Since authorization, Azul has used part of its fleet to reinforce cargo transportation, providing an essential service throughout the country. The company’s objectives are in line with the Anac regulation that says that “air cargo services are vital for the economy and also to combat Covid-19, and the Brazilian and global supply chains depend on unimpeded operation”.