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The Brasilia Airport terminal is the first in South America to have robots to help clean the floor of boarding rooms. Affectionately nicknamed Papa Dirt and Papa Dust, the machines gained personalization and employee badge, all to draw the attention of the passengers to the novelty and encourage keep the terminal clean.

The two robots came from Switzerland and were acquired by Globalização Facilities, responsible for cleaning and conservation services at Brasília Airport.

Inframerica vice president Juan Djedjeian celebrates the acquisition. “We always seek to implement technologies as allies of operations at the Brasiliense terminal and it has been working. We are the first in South America to test robots that are already used in major airports such as Singapore and Moscow. In addition to entertaining the passenger, they will maintain our standard of cleanliness. Globalization was already doing an excellent job. We are happy with this new feature,” he says.


The robots will travel the South and North Piers without the need for human handling. The commands will be previously informed by the operator through a computer system that will program the machines to travel through the desired locations.

Papa Dirt and Papa Dust have presence sensors that detect barriers 30 meters ahead, preventing them from hitting passengers, for example. In addition, the intelligent system records locations that have not been cleared due to obstacles, causing the robot to return when the area is clear.

“The innovative technology will come to complement and reinforce the work that is carried out by the cleaning staff at Brasília Airport. We invested around 500 thousand in each machine to optimize our services and be able to demand our employees to perform other daily tasks ”, explains André Marques, commercial manager of Globalização Facilities.

The machines store 45 liters of water and clean up to 1200 m² per hour, with a battery life of 4 hours. The robots are already in use.