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Azul Airlines announced the codeshare starting on August 23 2020. Azul will operate 23 routes and Latam 12 ones. The companies will be starting a domestic codeshare in Brazil with a total of 64 routes including accumulation of points on both fidelity programs.  By the end of August both companies will also start selling extra 29 routes foreseen by the agreement,  12 operated by Azul and 17 by Latam.

The agreement was first announced back in June and is an example on how the air sector is dealing with the covid-19 impact on the industry.

To start with, the codeshare will include  landings and take offs at Brasilia airport (BSB), Belo Horizonte (CNF), Recife (REC),  and Campinas (VCP), following by Porto Alegre (POA), Curitiba (CWB) and Sao Paulo (GRU).

Azul Airlines believes that the agreement should help the air sector offering more flights’ options, times and destinations to clients, and an important step to a faster recovery.