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Lider, Brazil’s oldest Aviation company launches sales app for charters and aircraft, the company with a national chain of FBOs and VIP facilities is the modern service provider, Lider is exclusive sales and support provider for HondaJet.

As technology is growing day after day Liderhs announced the new mobile app in the market which is expected to be fully functional till September, the app will be going to allow charter and empty leg booking at a discounted price. The app will also facilitate the purchase and sales of aircraft. The sales director of the company PhilipeFigueiredo revealed that app would not replace the salesman as the customer relationship is very much important in aircraft sales, and for charter’s telephone process will keep working.

Lider follow the regular market trends and with the current scenario of country economy and reduced budget of Brazil, the company has innovated the one stop shop for maintenance and retrofits during a single visit.  Figueiredo stated that “Our business is tied to the economy but the commonplace observation preference a more widespread view of the market. As agribusiness had grown, opening new frontiers we have followed.” He told that the frontiers are geographic and exotic such as Upper Xingu region.

Cynthia Oliveira who is Lider’s operation director is responsible for the company’s FBOs. The flagship at Galeao international airport in Riowas opened for Olympics 2016, and FBOs and VIP rooms all around the country were renovated to the signature standard. According to Cynthia, the difficulty that FBOs face is that the Brazilian law doesn’t allow fee-based differential treatment for private aircraft passengers. The Rio FBOs are so well developed with the policies which were never used before,but somehow the company manages to take the permission to directly depart the domestic passengers from the FBOs which was not previously allowed.  At Guarulhos airport, Lider provides special treatment to its passenger with a VIP room inside the terminal.

As the recession and privatization of airports is another challenge faced recently in the country, due to which the companies are seeking increased fees from business aviation users to have long access for more facilities, due to this some business aviation companies departed in Brasilia. Oliveira is however not concerned about the situation and has managed to negotiate with the council regarding the concern that airlines might force out business aviation at Congonhas. She added that “our area ion Congonhas is situated for commercial aviation, there are more opportunities other than Rio, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia triangle, she added “I see more need in other areas like northeastern cities like Joao Pessoa for business aviation access to the airport. Lider has also been big suppliers for offshore helicopter services to Petrobras. On the other hand,figueiredo told that Liders are continuously working in their expertise areas and they have won some of the important contracts and they will win other in future also.

While aviation in Brazil is all about Sao Paulo and Rio, Belo-Horizonte based company Lider is the unusual profile for Brazil’s aviation. The director of maintenance, operations, legal affairs, communication and number of other departments are mostly women, as is the general director because Lider has always valued ability.