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For those who are stepping to Brazil this Season, are you planning to travel to the biggest country of South America, you will be glad to know that Brazil airline companies have stepped forth to offer you luxurious travel, safety standards, and affordable price. If you are planning to head there let us tell you that air travel in Brazil has become the most cost-effective mean of traveling for the tourist from all around the world. Many years ago, traveling to Brazil was a bit difficult due to lack of good airplane services, as the tourism of Brazil is growing day after day, things have changed for the citizens of Brazil as well as for the tourist. We have mentioned some of the Bestairlines companies of Brazil in our last blog, now we are ready with another list in which we are going to educate you about more big names and the Best Airlines Companies of Brazil.

  1. LAN Airline: First in the list of Best Airlines Companies of Brazilis LAN airline company. Based in Chile, this airline company is known as the best carrier in the continent and most awarded airline in South America. It is part of newly made LATAM airline group which is the fusion of LAN and TAM airlines and largest airline holding companies of Latin America. It mostly operates in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador. LAN airlines offer reward points to its regular customers which can be used traveling anywhere from the same airline group.
  2. WEBJET Airline:

    R: 138 G: 255 B: 173 X:43796 Y: 0 S: 0 Z: 330 F: 120

    Webjetis also known as Webjet LinhasAereasEconomicas (webjet economic airline) is another name from the list of Best Airline Companies of Brazi It is founded in 2005 it’s concept of unmatched safety parameters, operational efficiency, customer service and low prices is making this company one of the major names in the airline industry of Brazil. From the beginning till date it is estimated that approx. 11 million passengers have flown with this airline company. It is a Brazilian airline and who’s headquarter is located in Rio de Janeio, webject airline company operates 24 Boeing 734 aircraft and it is known to operate 1000 flight weekly with the operation centers in more than 16 cities of the country.

  3. Trip Airline: It is the Brazilian airline which has the largest segment of Latin American. It operates in 87 Brazilian destinations with this it has become the only company which serves the highest number of cities in Brazil. This airline service is majorly famous for its comfort on board, interior, number of destination and in-flight services. At the present time Trip airline is the largest domestic airline company in South America which have a staff of approx. 2900 employees and 45 aircraft which serve in 85 cities of the country.
  4. Passaredo Airlines:Passaredo airlines were founded by Jose Luiz Felicio, he opened the passaredoair transport with three Embraer Brasilia and aircraft Airbus A310-300 later the models were replaced by ATR-42-300. In addition to air transport passaredo offer various air services, it has a 7 million square feet area that allows hanger, aircraft maintenance, flight operational coordination, training for pilots and stewardesses, it also has VIP lounge for passenger and complete comfort Zone for the crew.
  5. AVIANCA: Old ocean air newly know as AVIANCA airline is one of the prominent names on the list of Best Airline Companies in Brazil.It is the Brazilian commercial aviation company based in Sao Paulo. This airline service is owned by Brazil Synergy which is led by German Efromovich. AVIANCA was first introduced an air taxi company called OceanAir. It served executives and workers of the petroleum industry and Macae Campos dos Goitacazes. In 2002 the owner gets authorization FAA which was formerly known as DAC to operate the airlines in collaboration with Rio Sul Varig group., from here the journey of AVIANCA Airlines kickstarted andit began operating in the cities which were rejected by its partner, the owner of the company used to operate regional flights but despite this it has a huge network. AVIANCA airline comes in notice because of its vibrant color used to decorate the aircraft. The Embraer Brasilia was painted in the red, yellow, light blue pink, orange, gray and white color. In 2003 AVIANCA airline again comes into the picture with its Fokker 50 which were painted red, beige and pink in color.

Thanks for reading our blog on the Bestairline companies in Brazil.The aviation market of Brazil is still growing rapidly with the promise to fulfill the customer requirements. If You want to make a last-minute plan to visit Brazil, don’t hassle we are here to help you, you can visit our website to book air tickets with comparative prices. keep reading our blogs for more information till then Have a safe flight.