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GOL Airlines announced that it reached an agreement with American Aircraft manufacturer Boeing on a cash compensation for the over one year grounding of the 737 Max fleet, and the cancelation of 34 airplanes order, from the 129 it had previously.

Paulo Kakinoff, GOL’s CEO declared that “Gol remains committed to the 737 Max as the core of its aircraft fleet and that the negotiations improves the long term relationship with Boeing”.

Gol has taken seven 737 Max planes out of its scheduling, after the plane was grounded worldwide by authorities, since March 2019, and is still unclear when the model will obtain recertification.

Like most countries, Brazil has seen almost a complete shut down of its air service, and GOL designed a course to try to try to stay afloat in the next 90 days. Brazil’s civil aviation agency has kept an “essencial network”, where GOL, Azul and Latam Airlines maintain a minimun number of flights necessary to keep the large cities accessible by air during the crisis.

GOL had 750 flights per day before the crisis, and now has only 50 flights per day in Brazil, and is only operating 9 planes.