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Gol launches, Monday, 15, a wi-fi connection service to internet via satellite with which to attract the corporate profile client, which ensures greater profitability for the airline, as well as an alternative additional revenues, since part of the options will be paid.

According to company president Paulo Sergio Kakinoff, the company is studying this service for about a year and a half and the investment decision, whose value was not disclosed, took into account the need to achieve a conservative level of income to reach the break -even solution.

“It will be an extra source of income and must achieve conservative level of paid platform to achieve break-even, this percentage, I can assure you, is not high,” he said, adding that the potential for additional revenue is interesting. He did not disclose what amount of additional revenue that the company is estimated in absolute terms.

Gol claims to be the first airline in Latin America to announce this service. According to Director of Product Gol, Paulo Miranda, the service will be available in all the company’s flights, both domestic and international, and includes, in addition to internet access, other entertainment solutions such as live TV, pay-per-view and games besides the flight map.

It is expected to be fully implemented for its 140 aircraft by 2018, with the first aircraft equipped with technology should be operational in the first half of next year.

He admitted that the lack of entertainment options in the company’s flight was a factor for the implementation of the solution.

“The lack of entertainment was always reported by our customers as an item to be improved,” he said, considering that the focus is the wi-fi, which allows about 55% of corporate passengers follow connected and working during flights.

Kakinoff added that Gol will also announce other news for the new design of their product throughout the year.