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LATAM gives international economy class a gourmet upgrade

written by Rachel Weil Feb 15, 2018
LATAM gives international economy class a gourmet upgrade

Approximately 14,000 passengers on 64 flights a day will now have three chef-crafted lunch and dinner options served on a sleek new tray. Choices include a hot entree, lighter cold entree or vegetarian meal, along with drink service and snack. There are also two breakfast choices, one savory-one sweet, all at no additional cost.

“The passenger was central to every decision in the development process,” states Claudia Sender, Senior Vice President Clients, LATAM Airlines Group. “We asked them what they wanted and collaborated with industry experts and our cabin crew to ensure it was deliverable on-board. Every detail was important to us – from the ingredients used to how each dish is prepared and served.”

Dining at 35,000 Feet on LATAM

After 16 months in development with airline catering specialists from Gategroup Innovation Centre, and 14 in-flight trials, LATAM’s winning recipe for restaurant-quality dining is flying high.

“We understand that dining on long flights makes a great difference to the type of experience passengers can have,” states Sender. “Through this change, we want to offer our passengers quality cuisine in sufficient quantities and with many more options, as well as to feel comforted by the gastronomy of Latin America.”

Slow-cooked beef brisket with corn pudding, sautéed asparagus, and cherry tomatoes, or spinach-ricotta cannelloni with cream saffron sauce and roasted red pepper coulis. Or how about a marinated shrimp cold plate with Israeli couscous, grilled squash and mixed greens and roasted red pepper dressing?


Marinated shrimp with Israeli couscous, grilled squash and mixed greens

These are just some of the culinary surprises waiting for LATAM’s epicurean economy-class passengers.

Morning meals have also been upscaled to tempt the most discerning palates, including choices like crepes filled with apple and caramelized peach or an omelet with roasted potatoes and tomato sauce.

Whether you’re flying between Latin America and the United States, Europe, Oceania or Africa, LATAM has turned the tables on your expectations for airplane cuisine.

LATAM Airlines Group is Latin America’s leading airline group with one of the largest route networks in the world, offering air services to around 140 destinations in 25 countries, and is present in six domestic markets in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in addition to its international operations in Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Oceania and Africa.