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The recent codeshare agreement between Latam and Azul expanded both companies air network with 50 domestic routes. According to Jerome Cadier, there is a good synergy between the two parties, since Azul operates with smaller air crafts which reach more airports while Latam offers bigger air crafts, hubs and longer routes. Latam’s goal is to provide a better experience to customers, offering 50 new routes available through all sales channels, where the passenger will have the ticket,  check in and checked baggage all the way through.
“The product will be improved as well as the client’s experience. This will improve sales, which is our goal for this and several other codeshares we already have”, says Cadier.

Talking about the future of this partnership, the CEO says that it could evolve to other routes or even become international, but it is necessary to test the codeshare and analyze the productivity to consider the possibility for an expansion.

Federal Government Support
Jerome Cadier urged the federal government to support the Brazilian Airlines. ” I understand the difference between the United States and don’t intend to compare the proportions, but the US government injected 250 billion BRL (Brazilian Reais) into local companies while in Brazil the injection was something around 2,3 billion BRL (Brazilian Reais). Any help is welcome, however we need speed in decisions. The Latin countries have less resources, but it is necessary to understand that without Aviation the Tourism will be compromised, and the economy will follow”.