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The presidents from  Latam Airlines, Azul and GOL united with a common goal. They request a wider flexibilization for the Air Travel industry. Jerome Caldier, Latam’s CEO said that he believes the travel will start to come back with short domestic flights and then the international ones. He also said it is important a flexibilization along the chain, from the leasing companies to the travel agencies. The Airlines companies are providing flexibilization to passengers allowing them to change travel dates without cost and need their providers to be flexible as well. Another important matter is to review costs and adjust. For example, the price of fuel in Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world.
According to Gol’s president, Paulo Kakinoff, the present crises will speed up a tendency that was already started, the digital experience for check in and boarding  for example. It is expected that from now on 90% of passengers will board a plane without a human interaction.