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After the COVID-19 outbreak, all airlines are keeping in mind one important task; making passengers feeling safe.

The use of masks is perceived as an important practice and on top of that the blockage of middle seats. The latter one would cause the prices of air tickets to raise considerably.  Airlines companies are increasing sanitizing procedures and mandating crew members to wear masks and gloves as well.

IATA (international Air Transport Association) approves the mandatory use of masks however it is against the mandatory blockage of seats. IATA clarifies that contamination risk on board with all the sanitary measures is already low and the use of masks by passengers and crew will reduce the risk even more. To increase the tickets prices would bring another challenge for the airlines.

IATA launched a list of measures to reduce the risk of contamination besides the mandatory use of masks for passengers and crew:

– Measure the body temperature
– Improve the contact processes between passengers and crew
-Limit the circulation of in cabin during the flight
-Frequent and proved cabin cleaning process.
-Simplification of catering process with less interaction between passengers and crew.