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Tam Airline’s president of the Board of Directors, Marco Antonio Bologna, and the president of Tam, Claudia Sender, informed on Friday, Dec 19th, that Tam will invest in regional aviation in 2015, regardless PDAR’s regulations (Local Aviation Development Program). The plan is part of Company’s strategy for the future.

Tam plans to meet 4-6 Additional regional destinations per year from 2015 and the negotiations are already advanced with manufacturers, including Brazil’s Embraer, manufacturer of the new generation EJet2, whose proposal includes 18 orders firm and 12 options. The company expects to reach a conclusion by the end of the first quarter 2015.

“The regional aviation was our origin, it is in our DNA, and serves cities of so-called medium density markets, and Tam already operates in this segment,” says Sender. “Because of the size of Brazil’s territory, regional aviation is vital,” she says, still claiming that, for Tam, the development of airport infrastructure in smaller cities is more important than the subsidy model that the government should regulate.

Tam believes in Brazil and carries out the expansion of the national aviation with US$11billion investment in fleet by 2018, with orders for more than 50 new aircrafts. These investments do not include the negotiations that are underway. On another front, the company is also considering other options in the short term regional aircraft to strengthen its presence in this market. Until then, the company will hold regional operations with leased aircraft or units of its current fleet. Today, Tam’s smallest model is the Airbus A319, with a capacity of 144 passengers.

Within the Group’s fleet strategic plan, Tam will be the first airline in the Americas and the fourth in the world to receive the A350, the new model of Airbus at the end of 2015. “In addition, we are investing approximately US$440 million in over 200 projects this year and next, between services and technology to the customer; technology for productivity and sustainability; and infrastructure for our employees, “said Sender. “With this initiative, we reinforce our confidence in the country and our desire to move more and more. We are the company that carries Brazilians in and outside the country, the one that brings foreigners to Brazil, carrying the largest air cargo volume in our country. In 2013, 37 million passengers flew with us and transported 233,000 tons of cargo, “says Tam’s president.