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TMC LTN Brasil, which has the Corporate Travel, Travel and Luxury and Group / Events divisions, grew 19% from January to November in 2020 in sales volume, and 14% in number of transactions. According to director Gustavo Bernhoeft, some reasons for the growth were the consolidation of the luxury department, the acquisition of corporate accounts of luxury companies (which demand, besides management, an ultra-personalized service, one of the forces of LTN) and the renewal of important accounts. “In addition to winning two accounts of the medical services segment, which was not an area of ​​strong performance of LTN and are already among our largest customers,” says Gustavo.

With operations in 20 Latin American countries, as part of L’Alianxa, LTN has also won accounts that want a regional Latam solution and, according to the director, no other TMC has such a comprehensive and specialized performance in Latin America.

In 2019, LTN’s sales were balanced between domestic and international, and the best-selling airlines were Latam, Azul and Gol, in domestic travel, and Latam, American Airlines and Lufthansa, in international.

Corporate travel accounts for 65% of sales, luxury is already 20% and events and groups 15%. For 2020, the focus on luxury is the programs for India and the launch of Casa Martha Medeiros, in Miracles (AL), with Africa and Portugal also still on the rise.

A big release is scheduled for January, which will give LTN even more competitiveness and visibility. “But this is for our next conversation,” Gustavo Bernhoeft said.

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, where it occupies two floors in the Paulista Avenue region, LTN Brasil has 75 employees, a branch office in Blumenau and a home office in Rio de Janeiro.